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My name is Ethan Faust and I am a sports fan. I am also a writer. So why not write about sports? I am a rising junior at Davidson College and am the Sports Editor for The DavidsonianContent here will cover Davidson basketball, Arsenal and the rest of the soccer world, Red Sox, Celtics, the Arkansas Razorbacks and whatever else I feel like writing about. Follow me on Twitter @Klaus_Faust for links to new content.


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  1. Interesting blog! I’m looking forward to seeing more of it- I’m sure it will help me stay on top of Arsenal news!

  2. Ethan, been following your blog. Good job. I know next to nothing about soccer, but have been watching some World Cup. Just caught the last half of the Switzerland game; quite a finish. Tell me, what was the guy from Ecuador doing at the end of the game right before the Swiss goal? I mean, good Lord, kick the ball, right? Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll start having some Razorback stuff on here in the fall. Didn’t see that game unfortunately, but from the highlights it looks like he was trying to get a foul called

  3. Hey Ethan. Do you mind if I link you to my site? I am going to have a Colleague’s Tab with Links to other sports blog sites.

  4. A born and raised New Englander, I appreciate your insights, and will try to keep up with your posts. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

  5. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award please follow this link to accept 🙂


  6. Thanks for the follow, Ethan. What I know about sports – save running and volleyball – can probably fit inside a thimble, with room to spare. More power to you 🙂

  7. I used to play football at school and college. Being blind we had bulbarians (I never could spell that word) in the ball so I, and the other visually impaired players could hear where it was. The fun started when the ball stopped moving! I’m originally from Liverpool which, as you know is football mad and now live not far from the Crystal Palace Sports centre in London.

  8. Hey man, thanks for liking my recent blog. I appreciate it!

  9. Lots of good content on this blog and I plan on following. I appreciate you liking my last blog about week 1 of Barclays Premier League and look forward to reading your thoughts throughout the season as well.

  10. Wild American Gooner – Can we get a preview of this weeks upcoming Buffalo game. I want to know which Patriots team we are going to get. Are we going to see the hapless MNF I just ate too many KC baby back ribs or the team that opened a can of whoop ass and sent Andy Dalton back to the third grade…Let us know. -KN

  11. Hi Ethan. Thanks for your coverage of Davidson Basketball! As a Davidson fan living in Germany, I appreciate all the news and insights you send out — it keeps me “in the game.”

  12. Your blog is very promising 🙂 Could you check out my blog, thefootballpitch.wordpress.com

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