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You Deserve This, Duncan

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This will be brief. But I would be remiss not to congratulate the San Antonio Spurs on their NBA Championship. After Game 7 last year, I did not expect this team to have another playoff run in them. But as I should have learned long ago, never underestimate Greg Popovich or Tim Duncan. Those two are beyond incredible. If everyone else in the NBA developed players like the Spurs, the quality of basketball in the NBA would go up tenfold. This championship by the Spurs has proved that the old style of developing talent still works in the NBA. You don’t have to bring superstars together in free agency. It gives hope to teams around the league that even if your city isn’t a destination city, you still can win a championship.

I hope discussion in the coming days on ESPN focuses more on the Spurs than on the Heat, but it will be inevitable that LeBron will still draw the headlines. LeBron was good this series, but not good enough to beat this Spurs team alone. And unfortunately for the Heat, that was what it felt like at times. When the Spurs were bringing in endless energy and scoring off their bench, LeBron was left looking at Michael Beasley as his savior off the bench in the fourth quarter of Game 5. He simply didn’t have the supporting cast this year that he’s had in years past.

I’d like to see LeBron opt out of his contract for his own sake. Wasting another year of his prime in Miami would be a shame. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could go back three years and see LeBron play with a dynamic, athletic supporting cast again? I want to see LeBron get another shot with a younger team. As his career goes on, he will rue not playing with younger talent if he stays in Miami. If he does stay, the Heat will need to find a way to sign younger players instead of veterans to fill their remaining roster spots. At some point, the Big 3 become the veterans with championship pedigree, and they won’t need anyone else in the locker room to show the rookies what the playoffs are about.

Lastly, I want to say how happy I am for Tim Duncan to win another championship. That man is the consummate professional. He is the player that high schoolers need to emulate rather than the LeBron’s or the Carmelo’s. I hope Duncan gets the credit he deserves over the next few years as he moves closer to retirement for being an all-time great. For he is one of the game’s true superstars. As he gradually passes the torch, he has turned the Spurs organization into one of the best in all of sport. That the Spurs gave hugs to the Heat before celebrating shows how classy this organization and this group of players are. They deserve this championship. Congratulations.

What were your thoughts on the Finals? Are you happy with the outcome?




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