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Fixing My Mistake

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It’s been a quiet day in the sports world today, which has allowed me time to catch up on all I missed this week. Maybe I’ll have some time for Wimbledon soon. For now, I’m settling in to watch some Red Sox-Yankees. I just realized though that I made an embarrassing mistake in my knockout stage predictions. I lined up the wrong quarterfinal winners. Instead of Colombia-Netherlands and Germany-Argentina, it should have been Germany-Colombia and Netherlands-Argentina. So here’s my corrected picks.


Germany over Colombia – Colombia’s pace could trouble Germany on the wings, but Thomas Müller and company will destroy Colombia on the counter. This match will have a lot of goals in it.

Argentina over Netherlands – Many will expect an open game, but both teams will fear the opposing side enough that this will turn into a defensive struggle. A late Messi goal will send Argentina to the finals.

3rd Place Game

Netherlands over Colombia – Arjen Robben will seize his final chance on the world stage, upstaging James Rodriguez in a wide open third-place game.


Germany over Argentina – As I said in my other piece, this match will be a repeat of the 2010 quarterfinal, with Argentina’s suspect defense torn apart by the Germans. Lionel Messi can take his team only so far alone. Philipp Lahm will lift the trophy and the Germans will be world champions.

Sorry for the mistake. I’ll have a more thorough piece about tomorrow’s games at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Have a great evening.


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